Alan Detheridge has served as a member of NRGI’s board since its inception in 2013 and previously held the position of chair of the finance and audit committee. In addition, he is currently treasurer of the World Commerce and Contracting board of directors and a member of both its finance and audit and remuneration committees. He has served on the boards of the Open Contracting Partnership since 2014 and Publish What You Pay since 2015.  A long-time advocate for revenue transparency in the extractive industries, Detheridge brings significant experience to NRGI, including testifying before the U.S. Congress on the need for openness in the field of resource governance. He has also authored prominently published articles on the issues of governance and transparency. Detheridge was previously on the boards of various international nonprofit organizations including Africare (2006–09), Management Sciences for Health (2007–15), Synergos (2003–12) and the International Foundation for Education and Self-Help (2004–13).  Born in the U.K., Detheridge received a master’s degree in mathematics from Oxford University and, after some years in the computing industry, joined the Shell Group in 1977. During the subsequent 30 years he held various positions including vice-president of Shell International Limited, vice-president of Shell Canada Limited, and chief internal auditor of the Shell Group; he was vice-president for external affairs when he retired from the Royal Dutch Shell Group in 2007.